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3-Bar Soap Pack (Save 10%)

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    No matter where your favorite hunting spot is located, Crosswinds Brand has the right soap to help you blend into your environment. The soap packs give you the flexibility to use a different soap depending on the location of your hunt.

    Our soaps have been developed to be used in any environment. This includes the farm fields of the Midwest, pines and evergreens of the West, and the cedar swamps of New England or any place where big game animals roam. We also offer a daily moisturizing soap, the CABIN that will help you stay connected to the outdoors.

    All four soaps offer different masking scents.

    • Black Earth – Great for the fall of the year as farmers across the country are harvesting crops and getting their fields ready for the following year.
    • Cedar Swamp – The pleasant scent of cedar is very apparent in this bar of soap. This blend reduces odor and gives you an edge in the cedar swamp locations where many trophy bucks travel.
    • Pine - Blend in with the essence of the pines and evergreens. One of our best stands is located in an old pine tree where numerous whitetails have been harvested.
    • The Wind – A scent free soap that eliminates human odor and is great for any hunting environment.
    • The Cabin - Crosswinds “after the hunt daily use soap.” This is our blend of the outdoors…woods, campfire and CABIN! Use our non-hunting soap daily to relive the experience! Blended for men & women!
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    1. Might use the pine as my new everyday soap.

      The soaps that we ordered smell just as their names imply they should smell. Looking forward to next hunting season. However, in the meantime I may end up using the pine as a day to day soap (it will put me in the woods even when I need to be at work). on 6th Dec 2017

    2. My wife says I stink!

      I discovered this product when my son purchased it from a sport show and I have not used any soap in my years of hunting that comes close the the authentic smell of earth. I have given the soap to family members who hunt as well and their reviews are an echo. Well done Crosswinds! on 22nd Nov 2016

    3. Best cover scent bar none

      Smells very realistic, better then the real thing. I love the cedar swamp. Don't dry your skin an scalp out line green soap does. Very great products for a good price. Can't go wrong with any of their products. on 29th Sep 2016

    4. Product met my expectations.

      Used the product twice now and I wasn't detected by the deer I saw. I hunt in two locations one is hardwood ridge where I use the black earth scent, the other in a cedar swamp where I use the cedar swamp soap. Both tested out nicely in the environments where I hunted. Another observation is the packaging is very nice. on 13th Oct 2015