The Story

Crosswinds Brand, LLC is a company dedicated to providing hunters and outdoor enthusiasts with great products.  We are passionate about what we do and want you to enjoy our products as much as we enjoy them.  At Crosswinds, we also love to hunt and be in the outdoors. We are confident that our products can add to your memorable outdoor experiences. 

Crosswinds Brand has researched and developed several different moisturizing, scent masking soaps and lotions.  These soaps are more natural and include moisturizing properties for your skin.  The soaps moisturizing properties decrease the irritations caused by many hunting soaps on the market currently.  Additionally, the different scent formulations allow you to blend more naturally into your hunting environment.

About Us

Crosswinds Brand was started by two avid hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and friends, Steve Clothier and Tim Roehrig.

Steve and Tim reside in Wisconsin and they were not satisfied with many of the hunting products they were using.  This was especially true of the hunting soaps that seemed caustic, drying and lacked something. 

This led to their research and development of soaps that are more natural and offer moisturizing properties.  This is really important in the brutal Wisconsin climate where winters can quickly dry and chafe the body’s protective exterior. 

Months of ongoing research also led to scented formulations that help mask human odor and allow a person to blend better into their environment. 

The current Crosswinds blends offered include:  Wind, Black Earth, Cedar Swamp and Pine.  These soaps are formulated from a combination of both essential and fragrance oils. 

Crosswinds Brand, LLC  has developed the formulations in order to make them as natural as possible.  Essential oils are the primary ingredient used to achieve the ideal fragrance of the scented bar soap. 

A traditional unscented bar soap was also developed that includes exfoliates to remove scent emitting dead skin particles from the body. 

The two sportsmen spent this past winter researching and formulating a new product that was introduced in July - Scent Masking Lotions. The lotion scents match those of the soaps and includes: Black Earth, Cedar Swamp, Pine and Unscented - Wind.  

They were developed to be used before, during and after your hunt. The lotions help reduce the drying and chafing of the skin often experienced by hunters. They mask human odor to help hunters get closer to the action.