Q: Are the soaps all natural?
A: We do our best to keep our soaps as natural as possible.  When possible we use only essential oils in the formulation and not synthetic fragrances.

Q: Do your soaps contain detergents?
A: No, our soaps are detergent-free?

Q: Will your soaps guarantee me getting a big buck?
A: No, but it will help reduce the human scent that can deter a deer from getting closer and a great opportunity.

Q: Can your soaps be used daily?
A: Yes.  Our soaps have moisturizing properties to lessen the drying and chafing of skin that often occurs with other products.

Q: How long will the scent last on my skin?
A: Each person’s body chemistry is slightly different and therefore it will depend on that and other variables (i.e. temperature, movement/activity,

Q: How long will a bar of soap last?
A: That really depends on the how often it is used.  However, the soap is made with a “low sweat” base so it should not break down as quickly.

Q: Where else can I buy your products?
A: We have a tab that lists other retailers and sporting goods shops that carry our products.  Please click on the “Where to Buy” tab to find out if there is a retailer near you.

Q: What other products do you sell?
A: We carry several different moisturizing, scent masking soaps and lotions hunting soaps.  We will be adding to our line of products in the very near future as they are developed and meet our high standards.

Q: I want to carry your products at my store.  Who should I contact?
A: Please fill out the contact information and indicate that you are interested in carrying our products.  We will contact you to discuss your interest.

Q: Can I use your soap in my hair?

A: Yes, Crosswinds Brand soap products can be used in your hair and should be used because hair does carry a great deal of scent. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and do not allow the product to get in your eyes.

Q: Will deer react to the scent in your soap?

A: In the field, we have not witnessed any adverse reactions to the scents in our soaps.  In fact, the scents in most of our products are natural and from our experience, large game animals react to them as a normal part of their environment.

Q: Why should I use Crosswinds Brand products?

A: Our products work GREAT!!  As we gather more field testimony from our customers, we believe our products will give you the best opportunity to harvest any large game animal you pursue.  Our soaps are also moisturizing and do not contain many of the chemicals other soap brands do.

Q: Is it okay if I leave my Crosswinds soap  sit in water?

A: No.  To ensure the life of your soap, do not let it sit in water.  Also, crack the top of the container slightly after each use to ensure that it dries thoroughly between uses.  After it is dry, it is okay to close the top securely to preserve the soap and its scent properties.

Q: Is it okay to leave my soap in my car when it's hot outside?

A: No.  Due to the handcrafted nature of our soaps please do not expose the soap to temperatures exceeding 115 degrees fahrenheit.

Q: I can smell the scent from your soap on my skin after showering, but after a few hours hunting I can't. Can the deer smell me?
A: Just because you can't smell the scent on your skin doesn't mean that it's no longer masking your scent. The nose of a whitetail deer has up to 297 million olfactory receptors. Man's best friend, the dog has 220 million with humans having just five million.