Chasing Spring Gobblers To Teach Deer Hunting Basics

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Do you have a young up and coming hunter in your family? Spring turkey hunting is a perfect time to introduce a new hunter to our sport. Lets face it kids need action! Sometimes sitting in a deer stand freezing for a long period of time could possibly sour them on hunting. So why not start them slowly chasing gobblers who are very vocal and love struck? For the most part the weather is much better also. The thing to remember is these hunts are about the young hunter. Let them make some decisions on weather to sit in a blind or run and gun. The nice thing here is turkeys will tell you where they are as soon as the sun comes up. The look on a young hunters face when they hear that first gobble is priceless. 

Spring turkey hunting gives you the opportunity to work on those deer hunting basics such as stalking, wind awareness, stand approach and so on. Bow Hunting deer is my number one passion so when my little guy was getting started I went through the same morning routine for turkeys as I do for deer. Scent control is not as important to turkey hunting as it is for deer hunting but we still went through the routine. During our time turkey hunting we came across many deer and that opened the door for the topic scent control which to me is the most important part of deer hunting. Now I am not saying to overwhelm them but make it fun. I used to tell my son that by taking a shower with special soap it  was like a Super Hero being invisible. For young kids this kind of thing makes it way more fun for them and the odds that they will want to tag along with you in the future are pretty high.

Remember make this fun! Tell them that taking a shower and smelling like a pine tree makes them like a Hunting Super Hero! Then sit back and grin because these will be the best hunting years of your life!

Good Luck Chasing Tommy Three Toes And Making Memories That Will Last Forever!