Mock Scrapes Work


A great tactic for tricking a love struck buck to the stand of your choice during daylight hours is a mock scrape.

From about the second week in October through mid November bucks are up and on their feet starting to test the waters with the does. For the most part this movement is done at night and it is very hard to catch a big brute making a mistake during the day, unless you challenge him to a fight. That's right challenge him to a fight! Why not? Most male species are willing to throw down when it comes to his lady right. Well I can say since I started doing this I have been able to get the most dominate bucks to slip up during the peak of the rut. All you have to do be there to make a well placed shot. I put it to most guys like this. If you came home from a hard day at work and walked into your bedroom and found some other guys underwear what would you do? You would instantly try to find out who, when, and why right. Bucks are the same way. I stopped using doe urine and started using Dominant Buck urine in dripper's. The results have been very eye opening.

Now you just cant hang a dripper in a tree and fill it with dominate buck urine and get results. There are many things that you need to be sure to be careful of. First of all you do not want to do these to early into the season. I always wait until the 15th of October. This almost seems to be the perfect date to get the scrapes rolling. I always take the first 10 days of November as my target so starting on Oct 15th works best for me. Next you need to do your home work. You need to make sure you are targeting the right scrapes. There are one time marking scrapes and breeding scrapes. I like to find areas that in the early season have been occupied by does and young deer. These areas bucks will come out of their normal areas at night to check and see whats going on. They will most likely lay down a breeding scrape somewhere near these areas. Once I find one of these I stay clear of them, I do not want to put human scent anywhere near it. I also wear rubber boats while out looking for these. After locating a scrape try to figure out the approach from the surroundings and picture where this buck is coming from. Next pick a spot near this scrape that will be up wind most of the time so as the approaching buck nears his scrape he gets a big nose full of a invite to fight. When preparing this scrape I always wear rubber gloves so I do not leave human odor anywhere near. I use both buck urine and buck gland gel. I break a licking branch and put the gel on it to simulate a buck rubbing his glands on the branches. Be sure there is a tree with a shot to the Mock Scrape for a stand location. I place a game camera near the Mock Scrap to monitor the activity. I also wear gloves while handling the game camera. Now for the hard part, you wait. Sometimes its hard to have the self control to just leave the camera alone but the longer you do the better. I go in 2 days before I hunt to just eyeball everything and get the card out of the camera. In my experience of doing this tactic that game camera card from the past 15 days is almost as exciting as the hunt. Normally within the first 2 days a buck will show himself and as the days get closer he starts coming more frequently and even starting to show in daylight hours. Sometimes there are multiple bucks and you will see young ones go out of the way to walk around them even though they are still curious.

Challenging a buck to a fight is not only effective but it is a ton of fun tricking one of the smartest animals in the woods. Before you know it you will have that trophy right where you want him. Good Luck