Times Have Changed

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The modern era of the whitetail hunter is a entirely different world than the good ole' days. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are from the deer woods. I can remember 30 years ago going with my father and uncles on a yearly week long bow hunting trip. This trip was not to any lodge or even a cabin, my home for the week was in a campground in Jackson county and my bed was the back of a 1978 Buick Electra wagon. We lived in the same cloths for week and our only shower came from the ice cold hand pump on the banks of the Black River. Now I know that we did not smell good in our hunting suits that we stood around the fire all night in, but somehow we still were able to shoot deer every year. Not just small deer we shot some really nice bucks on these trips. I like many of you live and breath deer hunting. I could talk about it 24/7 and if you ask my wife I guess I do. We were successful because we were students of the game. We paid attention to detail. Things like wind, approach, water, food, and bedding were always at the top of the  list. So here's the question. Have the deer changed also along with modern hunter? I believe so and here's why and how with old school tactics combined with new technology we can be more successful against the new era whitetail.

The deer of the modern times have evolved with us and if you are not with the program you will be left behind. The woods are full of tons of new sounds and smells that did not exist in the past. More hunters use ATV's or UTV's than 20 years ago. There are every kind of scent made to help mask human odor. There are calls to imitate just about every sound that a deer could possibly make. I am not saying that these are bad things and for the most part they are good but you have to use them in the correct applications. The fact is that you still have to put in the time and effort to know the area you are hunting. In the new whitetail world we use game cameras to narrow down deer travel patterns. We use technology from NASA to review images from Google Earth. We use hunting Apps on our smart phones to determine which stand to hunt in the morning according to the wind direction. With the help of technology from places like NASA how do the deer have a chance? 

Over the past 5 years I have heard a ton of people talk about the lack of deer do to one thing or the other. Things like mismanagement of the herd by the DNR or the growing populations of wolves in the northern part of the state. I am not here to argue any of these points because I do believe we all have a part in the state of our herd and that's for another blog. I have noticed that like many things in this fast paced world people want instant satisfaction. I am here to tell you that just because you buy a hunting suit that says it blocks scent does not mean you are going to bag a Boone and Crockett buck. Sometimes I feel that the new modern hunters for the most part do not do the work needed to be successful but then are quick to jump on the band wagon to point blame on their lack of success.

So lets put this all together here. You can become a Super Hunter if you combine old school tactics and modern  technology. Lets face it we are chasing a evolved animal so just using old tactics or new technology is not going to get it done. They need to go hand in hand. By using computers to save some of your leg work in scouting. Showering and using Crosswinds Brand to smell like your natural surrounding. Playing the wind and using the correct approach and departure of the stand and paying attention to the detail the deer do not have a chance. Go to the field and put the ball in your court with the old and the new. Good Luck!